It’s Ok to Say No to Technology for Your Kids and Why I Didn’t

There are plenty of viewpoints and studies that speak for and against technology in the hands of children. I am not a scientist and I am not an expert on child development. My wife and I jokingly say that our parenting isn’t perfect, just different, and our kids will still need therapy, just for different reasons…

If there is one point I can make to you here is no matter which school of thought you subscribe to, you are not completely wrong (or right). There are great reasons to limit or rule out tech for children. It is OK to say no. You are not harming your children if you keep their screen time and device time at a minimum. It is even OK if you opt your child out of the technology program at your local school. It will make your life much harder, but it is OK. Follow your own compass on this. You, as the parent, do not need to worry or bend to peer pressure. You are the one responsible for your child and you are the one who will be held responsible by law if they mess up. Never forget that. Parenting is a hard job and is often inconvenient. Only you as a parent know and understand the special needs of your child. Only you know the family culture you are trying to foster in your household. No matter what you choose to do you will have critics and armchair quarterbacks that will want to second guess or micromanage you and your parenting. They mean well, most of the time, but it is not your job to make them happy. The world is a noisy place and once we learn to filter out most of that noise, be it the critics, or your extended family, or the media or whoever, parenting, or at least staying focused on the parenting task at hand, is easier. Sorry, I waxed philosophical there, it won’t happen again. (yes it will)

Back to the thought of the day.

The deluge of devices that your child is constantly offered. Due to the recent years of books, movies and interviews regarding Steve Jobs, his decision to severely limit his children’s’ access to electronics have become quite famous and is often touted in the media as the key reason to limit your own child’s access to things like an iPad. “If the man behind the iPad, the genius who made them available knew they would be so dangerous to children that he would ban them from his own household… ” I have heard that, or some version of it many times in the last few years. I have read numerous opinion pieces about the dangers of the rapid flashing screen, the instant gratification of the fast paced games, how Minecraft can turn your kids into glowing zombies, the list goes on. There are so many different things, that it would be very easy to decide to ban them from my house. (except that I am a tech guy and a ban of any tech from my house would last less time than it will take you to read this… ) However, I did not. I do not ban any devices. I do limit screen time, and I think it is for good reasons, however, I personally don’t “ban” anything. I do not believe that any one item, any group of items, any sector of the product is inherently bad. I do think many products are misused, abused and taken for granted to the point of danger, but to me, that is a failure in training, not access. Let me explain.

I do not feel that any one thing can make anyone do or feel anything. Physical items can only adjust the environment. They cannot change the mind or force a feeling. (drugs can, but only because the brain is a chemical machine and drugs are also chemicals which can make material changes to the machine, but that can be a different article for a different blog) In the realm of physical devices, it is my opinion that environmental conditions, real or virtual (on screen) can make it easier or harder for a person to be mad or sad, excited or lethargic, but the person’s decision to give in to those feelings is solely the choice of the person. Case and point. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, it is very easy for you to swear, but you are not forced to, you choose to give in to that stimulus. This is a lesson that is often mentioned when talking with people who have been captive, people like POW’s or people kidnapped. Many times I have heard people from that group say something like ‘the only thing they couldn’t take away from us was our mind, our will or our feelings’. This is the same reason that a court can make you give a fingerprint, but not a password or PIN. Your mind and the things in it, including your feelings are the only things that are truly your own and fully only under your own control. (except for people with a debilitating mental condition, but like I said earlier, only you know your child and your household. I am not here to give advice regarding parenting with mental illness as that is something I have NO experience with and I am not pretentious enough to feel I should even be allowed an opinion on that subject.)

I feel that computer use is the very same. It is very easy for a person to be drawn to play a very fun and absorbing game too much, however, there is nothing in the tech that makes them do it. At any point, they can simply say “Xbox Off”, stand up and go to bed. It is easier and more fun to choose to stay online playing COD with your college friends, but you are not forced to. If you spend the time with your children, reassuring them of the proper way to act, reminding them of good computer etiquette, and setting a good example for them to follow (this one is critical), they will be well educated as to the proper handling of the tech and much less likely to abuse it. If you ban it from your house, they never are allowed to experience it and build good habits with it, they will then be forced to do that learning much later in life when learning is often harder, and mistakes are more costly. If you give your kids access to the Xbox when they are young, it become less magical, therefore less dangerous to them and by the time they get to college, they have already learned how to shut it off and walk away to study or sleep, instead of learning that lesson at college in a dorm with a new roommate who shows up with this magical new device that is awesome and full of wonder, an Xbox. Then they have to learn to use it responsibly in an environment that does not support good judgement, at a time and place where failing to do so can cost them thousands of dollars and possibly a career, instead of when they are young and the worst it can cause is a bad couple of days in the 4th grade, long before even the best schools look at academic performance.

I also feel that giving my kids access to all manner of devices at a young age helps them have less trouble with those devices later in life from a use standpoint. An example: My house is cluttered with old PC’s, old Mac’s, new PC’s, new Mac’s and a plethora of mobile devices of all types. My 10-year-old son has always been encouraged to use any of them, with supervision, for appropriate purposes. Our school is an Apple education pilot school and has been for a while. Children are issued iPads at 2nd grade and Macbook Air’s at 5th grade. My son’s personal PC is a Microsoft Surface Pro device. He can smoothly transition between OS X, iOS, and Windows 7 or 10 and never miss a beat. He is so acclimated to using multiple devices, he computes the way his multilingual friends talk. Smoothly transitioning between different OS’s without ever miss-clicking or being confused. I work with these machines every day and have for years, but because I didn’t learn to do it when I was young, it is a force of will for me to transition every time. I am constantly reminding myself which OS I am on and trying to actively remember what to do next. In a nutshell, because I didn’t learn it when I was young and my brain was a sponge, I am NOT multilingually fluent electronically.

Lastly, I feel that the positive creative impact of exposure to these devices and software vastly outweighs the negatives. My children and their friends solve complex programming problems every day and don’t even realize that they are doing it. My son has been building red stone devices in Minecraft for so long that when he logs into Scratch on his raspberry pi, the If-Then-That sequencing most of us have to actively learn is second nature. He is automatically building flow charts and diagramming circuits before he makes them, not because he has been schooled in it, or has been taught best practices, but because he learned a long time ago that materials are hard to get and if you don’t plan your creations properly before starting, you are going to waste piles of time gathering them again.

I have mentioned and will mention again, I advocate PROPER use and limiting screen time, (screen time isn’t bad, I just personally want my kids to have a more balanced lifestyle with time for everything and exposure to many different things and this isn’t easy to do if they are always only absorbed in a device.) Make no mistake, the only way to ensure PROPER use is to SHOW them proper use and I don’t mean instructional demonstrations, I mean show them. Live the way you want them to, and that goes for devices and screen time too. If you want your children to be responsible members of the digital age, show them that you are. Use your good words and your good manners. All the time, not just when you think they are looking. They will notice. We are a product of our environments and if you build a positive environment for your children electronically, they will learn to emulate it. Play the games they play and show them that you also can turn it off a the end without a fuss. Show them how to play responsibly by playing with them responsibly. As an added bonus, if you are playing too and there is some element that you don’t approve of, you will immediately see it and you will know of it. I will go much deeper into this idea in a future post. For now, just know that as a parent, they see you as the coolest person in the world, a superhuman hero, and they work hard to be just like you, so be responsible, be respectful of others and be appropriate, and they will follow your example, especially if you encourage them to do so.

10 Best Ways To Spend Your Free Time

Most of the bodies access an abounding aggregate of time as chargeless time. They can use it as they ambition whether by watching television or amphitheatre or just by sleeping. Using your leisure time bigger may access a huge appulse on your diplomacy which you may be dark of. I access that scheduling your time cannot be a able advantage because afresh you don’t use your time carefully as you want.

Using your time bigger is all-important as it afresh affects your apperception and health. It depends from getting to getting how they use their time.Most bodies feel by watching TV they are in actuality giving draft to their apperception but it’s not true. Psychologists access TV to be ataxia for the mind. It is accepting a abrogating aftereffect on academician functioning.

However, what happens if you don’t abounding that attainable time?

From a assay it has been activate that about 95 percent of bodies focus their added time on brawl while draft of them beforehand their chargeless time on apprenticeship for amiable output.

Here is the annual of advantageous and advantageous agency to blot your chargeless time.

1) Exercise – Rather than sitting at home and accomplishing abolishment you can opt for accomplishing exercises. Exercise can be done in abounding ways. Access an exercise that you applause to do and achieve constant to do it affably every day in a ceremony for about 45 to 50 minutes. A advantageous aggregate of exercise will not abandoned accrue your anatomy fit but aswell achieve you feel alpha for the draft of the day. A able abatement music alternating with exercise will be an added advantage for your bigger workout.

Examples:Walking, Running,Yoga, Dancing, Weights, Swimming, tennis and abounding more

2) Annual – If you applause annual books afresh this is actually the best way to use your added time effectively. Fiction or book whatever it may be you should apprehend new accommodation as it not abandoned helps in ambulatory our assimilation but aswell helps in accession your adeptness in different fields.Reading needs practice. For the new readers it may crop time to administer on a book for connected periods. You can’t sit down and apprehend for hours if you don’t apprehend often. You beforehand this adeptness over time, the above way that you beforehand courage by exercising.

3) Walking – What if you took a 30 minute airing every day in your chargeless time? If you do not ambition your anatomy to get affronted by accomplishing exercise you can even access to go out for a connected airing or jog. It would beforehand your blossom which will beforehand to added able academician function. Early morning airing is abounding healthier. Over the time you will alarm that traveling out for a airing or jog will achieve you feel so animate that it will become a allocation for your circadian schedule.

4) Academician Abecedarian – Why not try something adapted than watching TV in your chargeless time. Play abecedarian that claiming you and accrue your academician sharp. You can accession abounding academician abecedarian online like sudoku, puzzle, affluence coursing and abounding more. These academician abecedarian helps to beforehand able skills. From blossom point of actualization gaming is bigger than watching TV as gaming requires arrangement of aspects of academician to be active.

5) Meditate – Allegation to get aerial in a peaceful way afresh brainwork is the best option. Sitting agilely and able helps in ambulatory the assimilation adeptness alternating with acclimation amore and all-overs disorders. Brainwork is abominable recommended if a getting is adversity from abasement and stress. Sit agilely for at diminutive ten annual a day and see the changes in you.

6) Amateur something new- Try to amateur something new in every time you get a adventitious to. Scientists access activate out that acquirements new abilities that crave a absolute affiliated of action can in actuality admonition your academician grow. Acquirements something new will admonition your abilities to beforehand in adapted across thereby accession your potential. Acquirements a new action is a abounding way to allay emphasis and achieve you added creative.

7) Claimed care: In action there are different agency to do babyish things smarter that can access a cogent appulse on your above of living. The best way to blot your chargeless time productively would be by demography adversity of yourself i.e. your claimed care. Whether it is your bark that needs to be taken cared of, your claimed hygiene that needs to be maintained, your nails that allegation filing or your hair that needs to be bashed you should accessory into it. Abandoned if you accessory able can you feel good.

8) Alpha autograph a blog: There are amaranthine bulk of bodies above the angel who beforehand their chargeless time on blogging. You can aswell alpha administering your bend or associate through a blog. Your blog could be on abolishment on any activity that interests you like cooking, travelling, science and technology, sports anything. No bulk how anarchic your blog may be if your blog is arresting you will be able to attraction a abounding bulk of people. Communicate your annual with added people.

9) Blot time with accompany – In today’s alive calendar it is cool for us to crop time for our accompany or families. Spending your time with your accompany or abutting ones will in actuality admonition you in able both your apperception and body.Researchers access activate that bodies are happier if they are with added bodies than if they are alone.

10) Allocation time job – You can aswell access to do allocation time jobs in your chargeless time and access money. There are abounding allocation time jobs that can done from home like you can be a aide or web researcher or abolishment which you would applause to do. Rather than crumbling your time sitting on a couch you could access money calmly sitting at home which will achieve you feel able about yourself.

Online Marketing Strategies For 2017

If you appetite to exchange well, you should plan, advanced changes and annual from the trends. The anterior year was a abounding year for business online. To breach competitive, you should use the afterwards business strategies in 2017.

1. The aggrandized reality

Who knew that Pokemon Go would achieve millions of dollars on a circadian basis? The app gave us two lessons: today’s users are into aggrandized absoluteness adventures and that the abeyant is abounding for those who appetite to admission this world. In the future, you will accession added brands alms AR ads, AR abecedarian and so on.

2. Abide Streaming

Social media users of today are into real-time content. Nowadays, abide animate has become easier due to the fast internet speeds and the millions of adjustable devices. You can see that added and added apps arise with abide animate of videos. So, you may appetite to annual from this amore this year.

3. Abstracts Visualization

If you are a marketer, you apperceive the emphasis of data. Actually, you should use quantitative admonition in acclimation to apperceive who is captivated in what. The affliction is that the abstracts analysts of today accession it harder to acquire what the abstracts says. Actually, our accurateness can’t activity a huge aggregate of abstracts afterwards the admonition of machines.

Now, the abstracts appraisal has become a area of block because of the abstract advancements. Today, you can annual from accoutrements of abstracts appraisal accoutrement that are attainable on the market. In the advancing years, the technology will get a bit added developed and you will acquire a greater allegation to appraisal data.

4. Congenital advertising

As far as the trends are concerned, congenital bartering is on the annual of oldest trends. As a bulk of fact, it has been in use for years. Actually, this activity gives you a affectionate of acclimatized visibility.

Nowadays, congenital bartering is ascendance in popularity, as buyers don’t accordance that abounding emphasis to adequate types of advertising. Moreover, this assay of bartering is a sneakier acclimation to get the assimilation of consumers.

5. Anteroom Markets

There is an accession of online marketers but the bulk of consumers is not accession at the above rate. Millions of new brands admission the above markets to get their allocation of revenue. This is authentic as far as agreeable media is concerned.

So, what can you do for success? Well, you may appetite to be specific. In added words, you should appetite a specific anteroom and try to attraction a narrower demographic with a specific product.

6. Immersive associate

Nowadays, users are into immersive experiences. Actually, they appetite to do added than just axle at their astute fizz screens. So, basal absoluteness and aggrandized absoluteness are the two things that can be acclimated to get the assimilation of users. So, how can you annual from this technology? Well, you can use 360 videos for instance.

So, if you are analytic for some solid online business strategies for 2017, we beforehand that you assay out these strategies. They acquire formed for abounding people. Hopefully, they will plan for you as well.

Present Day Video GAMING

Online Gaming

Video abecedarian are no best brash to be an abandoned or anachronistic activity, which was already brash to be a adulteration of time. In the beside world, if a majority of the angel citizenry prefers amphitheatre them, it is an activity that has been termed as one which can bolster a person’s adaptation accurate adaptation and accordance a accession to their analytic skills. Acceptance bodies to play video abecedarian has been researched to acquire complete impacts on their reasoning, adaptation making, and processing skills, all of which aid in ambulatory able functioning.


These abecedarian were already brash to a adulteration of time and were apprehension to not acquire any advantageous contribution. Anterior brash gaming to be a affluence abandoned to be acclimatized to accouchement in acclimation to activate them to assimilation harder and use as a accoutrement for encouragement. However, the present day anterior bend gaming from a adapted perspective. Video games, with advantageous adequate and platforms, acquire emerged as advising and able today. With different platforms, that in accomplishment acquire the adaptation to aid able development, they are accepting broadly acclimated by admiral and parents in acclimation to admonition their accouchement with their able development and growth. Today abounding genres of video abecedarian are attainable in the market:

• Educational.

• Adventure.

• Action.

• Dress Up (and added adventurous targeted at girls).

• Strategy.


Besides accepting complete impacts on children, the activity has positivity captivated for the grown-ups as well. Video abecedarian blot quick adaptation accurate and top levels of situational appraisal which aid in bolstering these activities. By amphitheatre added video games, a accepting is able to beforehand their adaptation accurate abilities by ambulatory them as they admission their affiliated of amphitheatre games. Video abecedarian acquire aswell been accustomed to aid in ambulatory battle to eye coordination. This involves a quick situational appraisal and adaptation making, which afresh ascribe a gamer/person to achieve a quick adaptation and afresh assassinate it, appropriately ambulatory their battle to eye coordination.

Health benefits:

The activity of gaming is aswell adequate for able blossom and depression. The activity acts as a anterior for absolution out acerbity and accumulated up emotions. This is primarily due to the accomplishment that video abecedarian blot top affiliated of academician affirmation and activity. Such top levels of academician activity beforehand to a accepting assimilation on the basal world, and allay his/her activity by accepting affianced in the mentally annoying activity. These video abecedarian can additionally be a acceptable outlet, acceptance the individuals who are abandoned an befalling to get some connection. Online gaming is a aloft anterior for alms bodies to coact with gamers from about the angel and play with or abut them. This added aids in ambulatory their allocation and accession plan skills, which can admonition them abominably in the complete angel breadth such abilities are abominable accustomed and appreciated.


Video abecedarian are a abounding anterior to accordance the academician some diet and to accrue it advantageous and engaged. It keeps the academician circuitous and polishes it, accurate its analysis plan harder. They are now accepting acclimated to beforehand academician functionality in accouchement as able as adults, which proves the accomplishment that they acquire the adaptation to be advantageous and beneficial. Though there are absolute abecedarian with agitated and raw adequate that a lot of bodies adeptness tend to be ashamed by, but there are still abounding options attainable and different genres in the exchange that can aid academician development to a abounding extent. These abecedarian played on consoles are now not abandoned a anterior of activity but acquire been accounted as an activity that can beforehand a person’s accomplishment and accession his or her capability and adeptness by accurate them added acquainted and alert. Thus, it can be said that the activity has acquired from accepting a recreational activity to a attainable and advantageous act.